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Lowongan PT. Generasi Digital Internasional

Lowongan PT. Generasi Digital Internasional

PT Generasi Digital Internasional (GDILab) is a startup technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The embryo of this company was created back in December 2013 by 2 co-founders: Billy Boen and Jefri Dinomo.

We are the first Indonesian company that provide an open analytics tool or Software as a Service (SaaS) as part of our services. It's called GDIAnalytics, Social Intelligence Platform for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We Are Hiring! 

Web Developer


1. WordPress DeveloperManagement Server Linux
2. Familiar with AWS Services
3. Familiar with Payment Gateway
4. Familiar with the Logistic System
5. Advance to Digital Ocean Product/ Cloudways

Submit your CV to hr@gdilab.com

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Jl. Kemang Selatan IX No. 1B Jakarta Selatan 12730 Indonesia